Tibetan Parliamentarians seek world leaders

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Shillong, Apr 5 (UNI) Exiled Tibetan Parliamentarians today urged world leaders to continue pressing China to resume a dialogue on Tibet and urged the United Nations to intervene to end China's ''human rights violation'' in Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR).

'' There is an immediate need to resume dialogue with China to resolve Tibet's problems, '' Tibetan Parliament in-exile member Karma Yeshi said and pressed for the UN's immediate intervention in TAR in which he alleged that over 100 of his people had been killed by the China's People Liberation Army (PLA).

Mr Yeshi, accompanied by another member of Tibetan Parliament in-exile Dawa Tsering, addressed a sizeable Tibetan community here on the recent crackdown in Tibet.

''If the UN can send its fact finding team to Myanmar, Kosovo, Afghanistan in times of crisis, what took them so long to send a team to intervene and investigate the human rights violations in Tibet,'' Mr Tsering stated.

Both the Parliamentarians also felt that the UN intervention would expose the ''human rights violations'' not only in TAR, but also Beijing's ''iron-fisted'' rule across China.

''China's gross violation of the human rights is not only against Tibetans, but also against their own fellow brothers. Therefore, UN intervention will open a Pandora box on China's human rights violation,'' Mr Tsering averred.

''The world community should exert pressure on the Chinese leadership to stop torture, killing, and to release all Tibetan political prisoners. The deteriorating situation in Tibet continues with martial law in TAR still in place and snarl-up of major communication with the outside world,'' the Tibetan leader told reporters here.

He alleged that tanks and armoured vehicles are on the streets of Lhasa since March 13, peaceful demonstrators arrested and the areas, where protests were taking place, sealed.

''We have news that the Tibetan higher people's court of China has issued notices demanding the surrender of peaceful demonstrators in Lhasa and Amdo Ngaba provinces,'' Mr Tsering added.

The Tibetan Parliamentarians also urged world leaders to ask China to allow media and international medical teams to visit the affected areas to instil a sense of reassurance among the Tibetan people and restrain the Chinese authorities.

Reiterating the Tibetan government in-exile stand on Beijing Olympics, Mr Yeshi said the government was not against China hosting the Olympic.

''Like our Holiness Dalai Lama, we have always supported that Olympic Games should take place in China,'' he said.


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