Solar power dispels 'darkness' in Mohri village in Maharashtra

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By Shivaji

Mohri, Apr 1 : 'Better late than never' as people in Mohri village in Maharashtra are delighted with solar power energizing their homes.

Despite being located in one of highly developed states, Mohri seemed to have been left behind while the country moved ahead on the path of modernization and development.

The villagers having waited for long were contemplating some action on their own, when a private electronic company came to their help to dispel darkness from their village.

"We were thinking of doing something on our own when we came to know about this system. This would help us a lot for sure. There would also be no electricity bill," said Shivaji Roa Pote, Head of village Panchayat, Mohri.

The private electronic company too was looking for a non-electrified place to install the solar panels manufactured by it. Mohri village came in handy.

"When our product was ready, we were looking for a place, which had no electricity at all. We searched it on the Internet and collected the documents. Then we came to know about this village Mohri, which has 27 houses and they have not till date seen power. We thought this is the right place," informed Arvind Pethkar, Director, R M Electronics Private Limited.

The solar power has not only lit the homes of 27 families in the village having about 160 people but it is also changing their lifestyle.

Contrary to their past practices, the people sit late in the night watching television and also attending to unfinished domestic jobs. The children too a relaxed lot as they can now study even after dark.

Many villages in India are still out of the preview of electricity.

According to official sources, the country has a power shortfall of nine per cent and at peak times the deficit shoots up to nearly 14 per cent.

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