Salahuddin asks Pak Govt to have Kashmir centric foreign policy

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Karachi, Apr. 01 : Syed Salahuddin, commander of Hizbul Mujahideen, has called for a Kashmir-centric foreign policy by the new Pakistani Government, and warned that freezing the issue, as suggested by some elements in Pakistan, would be tantamount to committing "national suicide".

Kashmiri freedom fighters were engaged in guerrilla warfare against the occupational Indian troops to wear them out of their stamina and fighting spirit, he told reporters here.

Salahuddin expressed his satisfaction and trust in the recent statement of Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani about taking all the parties in confidence over the issue, and lauded the stance if it was successfully implemented.

He also hinted at reviewing the group's armed struggle on the condition that India changes its stance and agrees to meaningful tripartite talks for the solution of the Kashmir issue.

Salahuddin termed the issue of Kashmir as quite simple and straight, since the Kashmiris had been promised the issue based on self -rule by UN, but the issue was still pending, solely due to stubbornness of India, The Online reported.

Citing Kashmiris as the third integral party, alongside Pakistan and India in the issue, he said that dialogue was the most important and easy way out, shunning any need for militancy.

Agreeing that efforts were underway globally to solve the issue, he strongly warned about any nefarious efforts to divide Kashmir, and berated the brutal Indian attitude of plundering Kashmiri resources with impunity.

"The issue of Kashmir is equally useful for entire world besides Pakistan-Indian relations, since if not immediately controlled would engulf the entire World. Already three wars have been fought over the issue, besides an active struggle for Independence for 20 continuous years" Salahuddin said.

Referring to the recent statement of "leaving the Kashmir issue to future generations", he warned that such kind of statements would be akin to committing suicide.

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