World's first green sports car unveiled

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London, Mar 4: World's first environment friendly sports car has been created by Morgan Motor Company. The 'Lifecar' can go from 0kmph to 96.56 kmph in seven seconds but produces no emissions except water vapour. The hydrogen-powered vehicle, which has a top speed of 144.84 kmph, has been produced to celebrate the centenary of the Morgan Motor Company.

Set to be launched at the Geneva Motor Show this week, the car is a concept at this stage but Morgan does not rule out going into production at some point, the Daily Telegraph reported. The result of a 1.9 million pounds project, the lightweight model has advanced fuel cells and an energy storage system, allowing it to travel 02.33 kilometres on a tank of fuel. "The basic concept was to build an entertaining and fun sports car that would act as a showcase for the technology and deliver 241.4 Km to the gallon," said Matthew Parkin, Morgan's sales and marketing director. The car's fuel cells produce about 22 kilowatts - roughly a fifth of the power of a typical combustion engine. When the car needs to accelerate or climb a hill it draws extra power from a bank of ultra-capacitors, which work like a large battery.


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