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London, Feb 23: The dream of a perfect ''out of the world'' getaway will be a reality by 2010 with space tourism emerging as the next big thing in the tourism sector. ''With the Earth under attack from a myriad of environmental impacts, including climate change concerns and pollution, outer space is the next viable frontier to explore and make longtime plans for,'' tourism expert Fred DeMicco said.

While there were global policies to be determined relating to private ventures in space, the technology was being developed to make space travel safer and cheaper. Space is a destination for the 'extreme tourists'-- those seeking the ultimate new travel adventure and the thrill of outer space. According to surveys on the demand for space tourism, the average age of the wannabe space tourist is 55 years old. While 72 per cent are males and 28 per cent females, 46 per cent have above average fitness.

The projected demand is 13,000 passengers in 2021, with the ability of the celestial industry to generate revenues of 700 million dollars annually.

Currently, only a few multimillionaires have been able to afford the current 20 million dollar price tag to go up in a Russian rocket for a two-week stay at the International Space Station, more affordable ''suborbital'' space flights are likely yo dominate space tourism.

These trips were likely to become available by 2010-2015, space hotels are predicted to become a reality in 2025.

Galactic Suites is known as the first space hotel, and they promote delivering 15 sunrises and sunsets in a single day--for the adventure travelers who are willing to spend approximately 4 million dollars for a three-day 'stay' in space.

Many recreational and sports activities are also being planned.


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