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{image-Couple 1_05022008.jpg}London, Feb 5: Right match is not about astrology and astronomy but chemistry-- not just personal but also scientific. Oxford University has come up with a dating service that uses the patented Compatibility Matching System to find members suitable partners from their psychological profiles.

The researchers developed a country-specific matchmaking formula. For a first date to be approved, potential couples must be matched on ''29 key dimensions'' such as emotional temperament, social style, intelligence and spiritual beliefs.

This would have an 80 per cent probability of being in the happiest long-term relationships, the Telegraph quoted psychologist Galen Buckwalter as saying.

The members are subjected 256 questions to determine their personality type, beliefs and values. Their profiles are then run through a matching system to find potential matches for a successful long-term relationship.

A person's emotional and socialising habits were the crucial factors in finding a good match.

He, however, dismissed the old saying ''opposites attract'', insisting it might be true for initial glances but not in long-term relationships.

''If you are different in fundamental traits, you seem to spend a lot of emotional energy working out differences, '' the researcher said.


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