The goose that survived crashing into a meteorite - only to be savaged by a fox!

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London, Feb 5 : A goose survived being hit by a 9lb meteorite and crashing into a car only to fall prey to a hungry fox.

And, witness to all this was Brit postman Adrian Mannion who was enjoying his morning cup of tea with wife Fiona when the bizarre set of events unfolded.

According to Mannion, the Canada Goose was left dazed when after banging into a meteorite, it fell headlong into his car's roof, causing 2,500 pounds worth of damage.

However, there was no reprieve for the bird, for a hungry fox then grabbed it dragged it away before the Mannions could rescue it.

"We heard two almighty thuds and rushed out to see this large, odd-looking rock next to our Mini - and a very poorly-looking mangled goose on the car roof," The Sun quoted Mr Mannion, as saying.

"A flock of Canada Geese were overhead so the falling stone must have hit the poor creature."

Mrs Mannion added: "It has to be the unluckiest bird ever. It survived being knocked out by a meteorite - only to be savaged by a fox."

The meteorite is now being studied by researchers at the University of Derby. It is one of only 1,000 asteroid fragments that hit earth each year.

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