US senators and Human Rights Watch demands for UN probe into Benazir's killing

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Islamabad, Jan 26 : The US senators and Human Rights Watch ave demanded a United Nations probe into assassination of enazir Bhutto which has been welcomed by the Pakistan People's arty.

Eight US senators addressed a letter to President George W Bush n Thursday, "calling on the government of Pakistan to permit an mmediate, thorough, and credible investigation, to be conducted nder the aegis of the UN into the murder of Benazir Bhutto".

They also asked the US President to ask President Pervez usharraf to form a new Election Commission for Pakistan, with a onsent from all major political parties".

Meanwhile, Human Rights Watch has also demanded a UN probe into he matter saying an independent inquiry is must to uncover enazir's killer as Pakistan Government's record had been bleak n the matter which would lead to further political tension and nstability in the country.

"The regime must listen to the strident calls by both national nd international figures, otherwise the people would not be atisfied, fingers would continue to be pointed and rejection ould be seen as aimed at a cover up," the Daily Times quoted arhatullah Babar, PPP spokesperson, as saying.

Babar said the party is not going to give up its demand for a UN robe and it would take it further on all possible forums.

"If the present regime does not give up its unreasonable and tubborn attitude then a future PPP government would formally ake it up with the UN to probe the assassination along the lines f the inquiry into the murder of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik ariri," he added.

He further said that the party do not have any trust in the nvestigations ordered by the Pakistan Government. The Scotland ard team was also forbidden to investigate the perpetrators, inanciers, executioners or organisers of the conspiracy in the illing. It was just ask to probe the causes of death.

"The cause of justice would not be served by laying the blame nly on nameless and headless bodies of terrorists. It can be erved only if the secret hands and invisible structures giving uccour and support to the nameless terrorists are exposed," abar added.

The US senators and Human Rights Watch demand for a United ations probe in the assassination of PPP leader Benazir Bhutto s seen as a vindication of the party's position.

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