Brit men make the saddest singles!

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London, Jan 21 : A new study has revealed that Britain's unattached men are the unhappiest singles in Europe.

The survey, which involved 13,000 people across Western Europe, found that Britain's singles as the most miserable.

According to the research, a significant 38 per cent of males are unhappy being single as compared to just 30 per cent of women.

The study also found that single British men might have the maximum waiting capacity when it comes to finding a soul mate, but they're also the most dissatisfied, unconfident, shy and serially single.

Last year, three quarters of singles haven't had a serious relationship and half haven't found anyone special for more than three years.

"These figures may perhaps be something of a surprise, as stereotype has very much been one of the single woman desperate to hook her man while she hears her biological clock ticking," the Daily Express quoted Dr Victoria Lukats, dating expert and psychiatrist, as saying.

"But the single woman who enjoys her independence and single status is unlikely to be a totally new phenomenon, as it was a trend seen in all European countries surveyed," Dr Lukats added.

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