Happy new year with new trends to loose weight

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London, Dec 29 (UNI) There are some exciting and sensible ways to bid farewell to fad and fats in 2008 as the new trends suggests losing weight but without deprivation.

Exhausted fad dieters will be relieved to hear that weight loss prospects look positively sensible for the new year.

Self-deprivation will be officially out. For slimmers, says Denise Bates, publishing director at Collins, it will be ''all lifestyle and having fun''.

''The trends for 2008 are definitely moving away from restrictive diets,'' agrees Sue Baker of Publishing News, after surveying the new crop of diet books for next year, reported Telegraph.

''Thankfully, we will no longer have to eat like French or Japanese women,'' she added.

French Women don't get fat, one of this year's bestsellers, exhorted flabby Brits to take the stairs and never swallow more than a sliver of brie at a sitting.

This was then trumped by Japanese Women don't get old or fat, which had us cycling around eating fish.

Such diets are out because 2008 will be about introspection, not deprivation.

''People want to look at why they are gaining weight and to work out how to eat sensibly without depriving themselves,'' that Sue Baker.

For instance, The Diet Delusion, to be published in January, explodes the apparently imperfect science behind the anti-carbohydrate and low-fat eating trends to which we have blindly clung for years.

For most of us, 2008 could be more about exercise than extremism. Instead of straining our brains trying to work out whether a potato has a lighter ''glycemic load'' when mashed or whole, we will be straining our muscles digging up the home-grown Maris Pipers. ''Integrative exercise'' - burning off calories doing everyday tasks - has replaced the gym.

We will also be far too busy sourcing local foods from organic farmers' markets to bother with the austere diets that were so popular this year. After all, we now know that those raw food regimes, intermittent fasts and juicing diets did not work.

Next year is also unlikely to see a resurgence of the carbohydrate-free Atkins Diet (or The South Beach Diet, or The Zone). These crashed and burned after Oprah Winfrey, the American celebrity guru, started to eat bread again and they are unlikely to return.

Not everyone, of course, will manage to slim down simply by cutting back on Frappuccinos. The ''virtual diet'' could be next year's other weight-loss boom, with online groups such as EDiets, Weight Watchers or Tesco Diets offering the chance to buddy-up on the internet with fellow slimmers, sharing tips and morale-boosting chat, without the humiliation of public weigh-ins.

The new year will facilitate for newer trends with emphasis on healthy eating paving the way for proliferation of so-called ''functional foods'' products containing vitamins or probiotic and prebiotic bacteria for gut health, or omega-3 for concentration.


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