Good looking salesworkers woo buyers

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London, Dec 22 (UNI) Ever wondered what draws you to one particular shop? Is it the disarming smile of a salesgirl out there or to seek the nod of approval from that handsome salesboy? New findings have revealed that shoppers tend to buy more from attractive salespeople.

Research by Jennifer Argo of the University of Alberta found that clothing was rated more desirable if it had been touched or worn by an attractive member of the opposite sex.

The study involving 300 people considered the results of previous research that had stated that people tend to reject items worn first by someone else.

''If the shopper was of average attractiveness, the participant evaluated the shirt negatively. But if it was the opposite gender and they were highly attractive, the participants were willing to pay more,'' Dr Argo said.

The results show that attractive, well-dressed and well-groomed people are important to make the product saleable.


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