George Bush reveals his battle with booze

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London, Dec 13: US President George W Bush admitted that he battled alcohol more than two decades ago, and revealed that he would not be the leader of America if he had not given up booze.

Bush told the sources that he had given up drinking in 1986 after he had too much to drink one night and realised the next day how it was beginning to affect his family. “I doubt I"d be standing here if I hadn"t quit drinking whisky and beer and wine and all that," media quoted him, as telling the channel. “I had too much to drink one night and the next day I decided to quit. I haven"t had a drink since 1986."

“Alcohol can compete with your affections. It sure did in my case. Affections with your family or affections for exercise. It was the competition that I decided just wasn"t worth it." During a media briefing earlier in the day on teen drug abuse, Bush also had some advice for a girl who had given up drugs.

He told her: “Your president made the same kind of choice. I had to quit drinking." Later, he revealed just what had prompted him to open up to her. “I was trying to encourage her to stay strong. I wanted her, this young girl who"s struggling with drug addiction, to know that others who might be famous have the same issue – that she"s not alone."


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