MPs criticise Prachand's statement on Royalists

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Kathmandu, Dec 6 (UNI) MPs of major political parties in Nepal have criticised Maoist Chairman Prachanda's remark calling for a new unity among Royalists, the mainstream political parties and the Maoists.

Speaking in Parliament, the MPs said the Maoists had links with the Royalists since late King Birendra's time.

Speaking at a programme organised by the Federation of Nepalese Journalists in the capital on Tuesday, Mr Prachanda had underlined the need for a new unity among Royalists, the parliamentary parties and his own party.

''Mr Prachanda's remark has once again proved that the Maoists themselves are Royalists,'' Kantipur quoted National People's Front lawmaker Chitra Bahadur KC as saying in Parliament.

''Since the Royal coterie mainly comprises capitalists, landlords, brokers, black marketeers and smugglers, how can Mr Prachanda consider them nationalists and patriots and good people and be ready to enter into an alliance with them,'' he said.

The Maoists have been hindering the Constituent Assembly polls that would abolish the monarchy and render the people sovereign, he added.

''And now they are advocating an alliance with the Royalists in the guise of a nationalist force,'' Mr Bahadur said, adding, ''How can we believe the Maoists will not go with the king and sideline the Nepali Congress and the CPN-UML one fine morning?'' He also cautioned the ruling Nepali Congress and the CPN-UML against the Maoist tactic of 'use and discard.' Nepali Congress lawmaker and former Minister Dilendra Prasad Badu said that Mr Prachanda's remark has raised the possibility of a new political polarisation in the country and expressed fear that it could invite complications in the seven-party unity.

''Mr Prachanda's call for an alliance with the Royalists clearly shows that the Maoists are involved in a game plan with the Royalists to sideline the parties in parliament,'' he added.

''It does show their political dishonesty,'' Mr Badu said.

UML lawmaker Rijban Ansari said no election that includes the Royalists can bring positive result for the country.

Maoists left the government and said that the election could not take place unless monarchy was abolished and proportionate election system was introduced.


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