Little changes can reduce greenhouse gas emission: study

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New York, Dec 1 (UNI) With little techonlogical advancements and small expenses, the United States can reduce about 28 per cent of the greenhouse gases it emits, according to a study.

In a recent research conducted by the McKinsey&Company, it was said that a large share of the reductions could come from steps that would more than pay for themselves in lower energy bills for industries and individual consumers.

People should take those steps out of good sense regardless of how worried they might be about climate change. However, it is unlikely to happen under present circumstances, the energy experts said.

''The potential changes in the lighting, heating and cooling of buildings would reduce carbon dioxide emissions and save money as well. However, there are still tremendous barriers,'' the New York times quoted Jack Stephenson, a director of the study.

Talking about the problems in reducing the emissions, the report said that consumers often pay no attention to energy use in choosing gear. For instance, most users oblivious to energy efficiency when they are shopping for a computer. So, manufacturers perceive no competitive edge in spending the extra money on efficiency.

''What the report calls out is the fact that the potential is so substantial for energy efficiency,'' Ken Ostrowski, a leader of the report team, said, emphasising that the country can do the job with tested approaches and high-potential emerging technologies.

However, the work requires strong, coordinated, economywide action that begins in the near future, the report noted.

Rules for utilities could be reframed so they make as much money in promoting conservation as in selling electricity, the study noted.

Besides lifestyle changes, emissions limits and other government mandates, as well as incentives like tax breaks to promote efficient buildings, cars and appliances are also required.


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