Virtual personalities....Aussies are loving it!

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Sydney, Nov 30 (UNI) Aussies are in love with multiple virtual personalities and they are taking risk of revealing more and more personal information.

The Symantec Identity Survey says that Australians typically have more than 10 online profiles or virtual identities, and 20 per cent believe that their online profile is closer to their true self.

Reacting to the study, clinical psychologist Andrew Fuller said it seems that people are more comfortable with their online identities than they are with themselves.

''Seventeen per cent of Australian online 'power users' believe their online profile is more about who they would like to be, rather than who they really are. This finding clearly shows it's not just friendship or peer networks that are being redefined, but also your own sense of who you are, '' the Herald Sun quoted Dr Fuller as saying.

Three or more types of personal details are provided online by 54 per cent of Australians to sites related to blogging, social networking and shopping, the survey noted.

Besides, about two-thirds admitted that they had revealed their real name online and a third said they had given their home addresses online.

''One of the odd findings is that people can be fully aware of the dangers of identity theft online and still act in ways that place them at risk,'' the clinical psychologist said.

However, the risks are not undermining the spirits of Australians to interact online.

''Many Australians believe online risks would never stop or limit the way they interact online. But, they need to have sufficient online protection, as well as practice good online safety principles,'' Symantec's David Freer suggested.


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