Daily dose of fish oil may prevent schizophrenia

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Melbourne, Nov 30 (UNI) Swallowing a daily dose of fish oil may stop young people from developing severe mental illness, besides improving concentration and reducing aggression, a landmark study has found.

Orygen Research Centre in Melbourne has revealed that Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil was believed to be beneficial for preventing schizophrenia and a range of conditions, including heart disease depression, bipolar disorder, rheumatism, and cancer.

The findings could offer a safe way to treat and potentially prevent schizophrenia without the drastic side-effects of anti-psychotic medications.

This natural product helps in a serious treatment for people seen most likely to develop psychotic illness,'' The Age quoted lead researcher Professor Paul Amminger as saying.

Previous studies have suggested that anti-psychotic drugs when used early in illness reduce the rate to about 12 per cent. However, their use is controversial as they have severe side-effects like heavy weight gain and increased risk of heart disease.

The recent study shows that, just like in cancer and heart disease, early diagnosis is the key to safer and more effective treatments at lower cost and with less disruption to peoples' lives and future potential.


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