Compulsive disorder linked to different brain structures

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London, Nov 26 (UNI) In a major breakthrough that could lead to new treatments for obsessive compulsive disorder(OCD), scientists found that the disease is linked to differences in brain structure.

The people suffering from the disorder get obsessive thoughts which drive them to carry out bizarre and repetitive rituals.

Symptoms may include repeated hand-washing, the constant need to check doors are locked and the arranging of items in a specific order.

Scientists have identified brain regions involved in the disease, which could lead to development of new drugs and diagnostic tests.

The Cambridge University researchers took brain scans of 31 people with family history of OCD and of a healthy group, with no family history of the condition, the Daily Mail reported.

On comparison of the images, it was found that OCD patients and their relatives had less grey matter in parts of the brain that control behaviour.

Researcher Lara Menzies said the findings showed that OCD was associated with patterns in brain structure which run in families.

She said,''The current diagnosis of OCD is subjective and so knowledge of the underlying causes may lead to better diagnosis and improved clinical treatments.'' UNI

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