Mush defends emergency to fight global terrorism

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Islamabad, Nov 23: Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf has yet again justified his emergency rule , saying the emergency is the need of hour as foreign militants based in the country were planning terrorist attacks around the world.

''Foreigners are sitting here and are planning terrorism all over the world,'' Gen Musharraf said in a weekly televised question -and-answer session broadcast on a TV channel on Thursda. He asserted that Pakistan had to ''get our own house in order'' and then show its efforts to the West.

Showing his concern for the Pakistani people, he said the vast majority of the nation was against the terrorists who need to be weaned away through political, economic and administrative measures.

''We are also concerned because these people are also carrying out suicide bombings inside Pakistan.'' he added.

''We have caught people who had maps of European countries and targets there. They (the West) are asking us to eliminate these people,'' said Gen Musharraf.

To a question, the President said the people of Pakistan have sacrificed a lot in the global war against terror and said the international community too realises it.

''The international community recognises our role, but also wants us to eliminate those who are hiding in our mountains,'' Gen Musharraf added.

He, however said the country's armed forces were well equipped and fully prepared to protect the country, but it faced a greater threat from extremists and terrorists internally than any external threat.

''Terrorism is to be fought forcefully ... we have to eliminate terrorists,'' the Nation quoted him as saying.

He urged the people of Pakistan to stand along country's law enforcement agencies against extremists and terrorists for Pakistan's safe and secure future.

''Unless the people of Pakistan rise against extremists and terrorists, the threat from them, would continue,'' he said.

The President asserted that a combination of force and dialogue were being used against the people who are still caught up in a time wrap.

He said the capability of country's intelligence agencies, both physically and technically have developed to a high level and has arrested several would-be suicide bombers, terrorists and masterminds.

General Musharraf also said Pakistan was pursuing a policy of minimum defensive deterrence and has quantified its military strategy according to the threat level.

He pointed that the strategy had to be upgraded after a nuclear dimension and missiles were brought to the region.

He, however stressed that the country does not want to involve in any arms race adding that the country would continue to maintain its minimum defence deterrence, both in conventional and unconventional areas.

Responding to a question he said there was no Martial Law in the country and the civil government was working smoothly and was in a transitionary phase towards complete civil rule.


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