'Marry in haste and repent at leisure' true in UAE too

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Dubai, Nov 21 (UNI) 'Marry in haste and repent at leisure' is true everywhere and the UAE is no exception as divorce rate is rising here at an alarming rate of 30 per cent.

Factors like early marriage, disparity in the education levels and financial pressures are considered as the main causes for it.

The divorce cases are not only increasing among the expatriates but also the Emirates' indigenous population has shown similar tendencies.

Social experts blame it on the under-estimation of the value of married life and dissimilar tendencies among couples behind the disintegration of family life.

Quoting the Abu Dhabi Shariah Court statistics, the officials confirmed that the divorce rate among nationals has recorded an alarming increase of above 30 per cent in the recent years.

They did not specify the years, the Khaleej Times reported.

However, there are no clear statistics available about the divorces among expatriates available with the local authorities as most of them have left their spouses in their home countries, the officials clarified.

The officials of the federal Shariat Court which deals with such cases has termed early marriage a major factor behind family problems that end up in divorce.

at the Shariah Court which deals with the federal personal law.

The family discord is more among the UAE couples who tend to marry early,the officials noted.

Disparity in academic qualifications between couples is yet another major reason for divorce between nationals and expatriates, said the officials.

''Unequal education level plays a part in building up a sense of stubbornness in one of the couples because he or she harbours an inferiority complex,'' explained the officials.

Problems arising from economic pressures are more common between couples of different nationalities.

Among the expatriate population, the wives complain that men do not live up to their financial responsibilities.

The Sharia officials advised couples against rushing into harsh decisions like breaking the marraige over trivial reasons like difference of opinions, jealousy and issues related to one partner's family, which are likely to create a gap between the couples.

Dr Hassan Ismail Obeid, a social expert with a foundation dealing with family issues, said early marriage and socio-economic factors could trigger problems between couples and might lead to divorce if not handled properly.


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