Polish election winner votes to form coalition

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WARSAW, Nov 10 (Reuters) Poland's centre-right Civic Platform party, which won last month's parliamentary election, voted unanimously today to form a coalition government with the smaller Peasants' Party.

The move paves the way for Donald Tusk, head of the Platform and future prime minister, to present the line-up of his cabinet yesterday.

The Peasants' Party leader Waldemar Pawlak will become deputy prime minister and economy minister. Tusk said he and Pawlak had agreed on most posts in the cabinet.

''We are entering into a coalition with a partner who differs from us but the Civic Platform is a guarantor that differences need not trigger conflicts,'' Tusk said.

''We want to work together for the good of the homeland in the belief that we shall rebuild a sense of normality and decency.'' Tusk will replace Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski, whose twin brother is Poland's president.

Tusk pledges to accelerate economic reforms needed to bring Poland into the euro zone and improve relations with key international partners, which had been strained under the Kaczynskis.

The Kaczynskis' Law and Justice party has ruled for two years of fast economic growth. Scandals and infighting in the old coalition led to a snap election and a defeat of their conservative party.

Analysts say Tusk may struggle to push through many of his plans because he could face opposition from the president. Lech Kaczynski does not face re-election until 2010.


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