Pakistan's Imran Khan in hiding, vows to fight back

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London, Nov 6: Pakistan opposition politician Imran Khan, who escaped from police over the weekend during a state of emergency, today vowed to oppose President Pervez Musharraf from hiding.

The former cricket star fled his home on Sunday after police searched it. His followers say authorities intended to place him under arrest.

In a message passed to media by his ex-wife Jemima, Khan said he believed the United States had given its tacit approval to Musharraf to launch a state of emergency last week that has seen a crackdown on political opponents, lawyers and judges.

''The police have ransacked my house and ill treated my family members,'' Khan said in the message.

''I believe that the Americans are complicit or at the very least knew about this before it took place. They are backing Musharraf as he could never get his way if they were serious about stopping him,'' he said.

''Our aim is to continue the struggle and mobilise the youth of the country from underground.'' Jemima Khan said her ex-husband had fled his house after police ransacked it and ''roughed up his family'', but before they could return with an arrest warrant to detain him.


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