Pak has failed to close down terrorist networks in tribal areas: US

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Washington, Oct 24 (UNI) The Pakistan Government has so far, not been successful in closing down the terrorist networks and those who are supporting them in the country's North-Western tribal regions,US State Department Spokesman Sean McCormack said.

In reply to a question, he, however,added, "that's going to require a concerted effort. And we're going to continue to work with the Pakistani Government to see that there is no safe haven from which those terrorist groups and terrorists can operate." He made these comments in reply to a question about the misperception by some of the American public that Pakistan is not doing enough in the war against terrorism.

McCormack said, Right. "I don't know what the perceptions of the American public are of Pakistan . But President Musharraf and the Pakistani Government over the past five years have been good allies in the war against terror. They have worked closely with us to set Pakistan on a different course. President Musharraf has decided that himself and we've tried to be support that." He stated , "they themselves have launched numerous operations inside Pakistan to disrupt terrorist attacks as well as break up terrorist cells. There was an issue of Taliban sympathisers, al-Qaida operating in those tribal regions in the North-West of Pakistan. And the Prime Minister and his government are very much aware that it's a problem." It's a problem for them. We've seen the kind of violence that potentially can emanate from those regions and it is directed at us, it's directed at the Afghan populations. It's directed at Pakistani populations. So they understand very well what the threat is." the spokesman added.


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