Dubai: Indian immigrant found in near death-state

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Dubai, Oct 18: An illegal worker of Indian origin was found dumped in a near death-state three days ago near a hospital here, the Indian Embassy said.

Haneef Bhai, 57, a resident-of Gujarat who appeared to be in a serious condition was found near the Riyadh Medical Complex.

The Embassy said Mr Haneef was conscious when he was found but in a very weak condition, adding that he is recuperating in hospital.

The Embassy reported it has paid a SR5,000 (Rs 50,000) advance for his treatment, while social workers are trying to arrange transfer of the patient to India.

The indian immigrant was suffering from partial paralysis and one of his legs would have to be amputated. The man reportedly is suffering from diabetes and hypertension.

''When he was found, he did not have valid documents or a residence certificate indicating who he was, so the Embassy asked Indian social workers to search for his identity,'' an embassy official said.

Bhai reportedly came to the Kingdom on a house driver visa but failed the test. He allegedly ran away from his sponsor and has worked illegally to survive.


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