Nepali Congress raises concern about Maoists intentions

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Kathmandu, Oct 14 (UNI) Nepal's top political party has raised serious concerns over the Maoists activity of flouting the agreements and spreading terror in the Himalayan nation.

The Nepali Congress (NC) party condemned the unabated violent activities of the Maoists cadres and accused the CPN (Maoists) of poking fun at the comprehensive peace agreement.

''The CPN (Maoist), one of the alliance partners, has been trying to create disorder and terror in different parts of the country, including the capital, after deriding the earlier agreements including the comprehensive peace agreement and interim constitution.'' the party said in a statement.

It said abduction of teachers, politicians, journalists, children, and extortion and murders have been repeating in the country and the press have repeatedly been attacked for the past few days.

The NC has taken Journalist Birendra Shah's abduction as part of the series, the release said. The journalist was abducted a few weeks ago from Terai near India border.

In what can be called as the strongest statement against the Maoists, the NC said the Maoist party and its sister organisations have been causing mental anguish and torture to NC workers of all levels, people who have different ideologies and political beliefs than the Maoists, and by publishing black list and threats of physical action against teachers and civil servants.

''Nepali Congress condemns in the strongest terms such unfortunate activities and warns the Maoists not to repeat such activities that disturbs social harmony,'' it said.

The party has also drawn the government's attention to curb criminal activity like abduction of children, journalists and for maintaining peace and order in society.

The relations between seven political parties and the Maoists have been strained in recent months. The Maoists left the government and said they would not participate in the election unless the monarchy is abolished and proportional representation system is not introduced.

Due to their stand, the election to the Constituent assembly was postponed and a special session of the parliament convened.

A comprehensive peace accord was signed between the seven political parties and the Maoists to restore democracy ending the dictatorial rule of King Gyanendra and bring the rebels to mainstream politics.


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