US Senate rejects move to withdraw US troops

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Washington, Sep 21: The Democrats suffered yet another major defeat when the US Senate rejected, by a 28 to 70 vote, its legislation seeking to cut off funding for combat in Iraq by June, intended at forcing a troop pull out from Iraq.

The Democratic Party failed to line up 60 votes needed to cut off the debate and move the legislation to a final vote.However it managed only 28, some 32 short of the requisite votes,yesterday.

Those who voted for the legislation were Democratic presidential contenders Hillary Rodham Clinton, Barack Obama and Christopher Dodd. A fourth candidate, Sen Joseph Biden, did not vote.

A similar measure, taken by Democratic Senator Russ Feingold, met the same fit in May last. Then, the Senate had rejected it by a 29-67 vote.

Feingold's argument was that the war in Iraq is taking attention and resources away from the larger global war on terrorism.

Republican Senator John McCain opposed the measure, arguing that it would result in defeat for the United States. He wanted more time for the President Bush policy of ''surge'' to succeed in Iraq.

A day earlier, Senate Republicans blocked a bipartisan measure to allow troops more time at their home bases between deployments.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, argued that Republicans "are more concerned about protecting President Bush than the troops." Today, the Senate is to vote on a measure sponsored by Democrat CarlLevin, seeking to change the mission of US troops in Iraq from combat to training Iraqi forces.


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