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New York, Sept 18: Search engine for internet images in 300 languages! Researchers in US claim to have developed a search engine that enables people to search for images on the internet in at least 300 languages.

The new service called 'PanImages" has been created by researchers at the Turing Institute at Washington University and details were presented at the Machine Translation Summit held in Denmark.

For example, if an Albanian searched for images of frogs through any of the existing search engines using the term 'bretkosk", meaning frog, he gets about 20 pictures, two of which contain actual frogs.

The new search engine, however, will automatically translate the Albanian frog query into other languages and find all the relevant pictures, the researchers said.

“It"s a cool idea and I imagine PanImages will help out lots of non-English web users," one of the researchers said. The university suggests users could use the service to narrow down their image searches.

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