What the Chennai voters want? Better handling of traffic congestion

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Chennai, May 5: In Chennai the residents feel that the government must focus on traffic congestion, water and air pollution.

A survey shows that the Tamil Nadu government performed best in providing law and order in Chennai. The worst performance has been in dealing with traffic congestion.

What the Chennai voter wants?

The Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) conducted a survey in Chennai of over 16,000 respondents.

ADR says that the purpose of this survey was to find out what voters really want from the Government and how they rate the performance on the issues that are important to them.

Voter priorities:

When asked for their top three priorities, they said that Traffic Congestion, Water and Air Pollution and Noise Pollution were the top priorities. 48.08% of voters said that Traffic Congestion was one of the top three priorities for them, 34.84% of voters said that for Water and Air Pollution, and 33.73% for Noise Pollution.

Clearly they show that issues of traffic and pollution are the top priorities for them. About 83% of voters gave one of these three as their top priority.

Better employment opportunities, lower food prices and facility for cyclists and pedestrians were also among the top priorities.

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It is also interesting to note what issues were not priorities for them. For instance reservation for jobs, education, terrorism, strong military, corruption, were not top priorities.

Performance Rating of Government

Among the worst rated performance was on Traffic Congestion and Pollution. These are among the top 3 priorities for the people. There were a total of 25 issues for which they gave priorities and then rated government's performance.

Thus for the top three priorities, Traffic Congestion was ranked 24th and Noise Pollution was ranked 21st out of 25, Better Employment Opportunities 12th, and Drinking Water 23rd . So high priority issues for voters had very bad performance.

Top priorities for the people of Chennai:

  • Traffic congestion, 48.08 pc
  • Water and air pollution, 34.84 pc
  • Noise pollution, 33.73 pc
  • Better employment opportunities, 21.97 pc
  • Lower food prices for consumers, 20.85 pc
  • Facility for cyclists and pedestrians, 17.95
  • Training for jobs, 12.87 pc
  • Empowerment of women and security, 11.32 pc
  •  Minind and quarrying, 10.52 pc
  • Better law and policing, 10.46

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