Wannabe ISIS module: NIA joins the probe

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Bengaluru, May 9: The wannabe ISIS militants of Ratlam in Madhya Pradesh will be questioned by the National Investigating Agency today. The team of the NIA seeks to find out details about their so-called module through which they were planning a spate of attacks in Madhya Pradesh.

NIA sources say that prima facie it appears to be a case of a few youth who had motivated themselves and had taken the name of the ISIS. Irfan Khan the head of the group claimed that he was part of the ISIS and had planned on targeting people in Madhya Pradesh.

Wannabe ISIS module - NIA joins the probe.
ISIS link not adding up:

The five members of this self proclaimed ISIS module had no direct links with anyone in the ISIS either in Iraq or Syria. These persons were instead making an attempt to cross over into Syria and had been trying to get in touch some handlers online.

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Investigators also reveal that these members were desperately trying to catch the attention of the ISIS and had hoped would be roped in. They had sourced some chemicals to prepare bombs. Moreover they were also told that they need to target a policeman in order to prove their worth.

Intelligence Bureau officials say that the ISIS does not set up modules, but believes in creating an army to wage wars against governments like it does in Syria and Iraq.

NIA looking for more information:

The NIA team which has been sent based on the recommendation of the Home Ministry will check to see if this module had any overseas link. The NIA is already investigating the case against Areeb Majeed who had joined the ISIS and then later begged to return to return.

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An NIA officer says that prima facie the Ratlam module appears to be self-motivated. They worked as a closed group and wanted to gain attention. Khan in particular was the one trying to slip out of India and he had even tried building a module by targeting riot victims.

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