ISIS, al-qaeda join hands; what this means for SIMI, Indian Mujahideen?

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The Indian Intelligence Agencies have issued a fresh alert in the wake of two ISIS related incidents. The release of an audio by the ISIS chief Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi and the coming together of his outfit with the al-qaeda in Syria is a cause of concern an Intelligence Bureua official informed.

What ISIS, al-qaeda coming together mean for IM, SIMI

These two developments will sort out the confusion in the minds of its Indian affiliates SIMI and the Indian Mujahideen who have been in a confused state of mind ever since the battle between the ISIS and the al-qaeda became fierce. The key recruiter for the ISIS, Sultan Ahmed Armar in his various chat transcripts has always suggested that there is a great deal of confusion over the recruitment process.

Terror giants ISIS, al-qaeda join hands

He is a member of the Indian Mujahideen who was recruiting earlier for the al-qaeda. However since the emergence of the ISIS, he shifted loyalties and recruited for the ISIS.

Armar who along with a Pakistani national Kamran Shah, who have been the primary recruiters, will heave a sigh of relief now that the ISIS and the al-qaeda have decided to iron out differences and fight together in Syria.

This would mean that India will have to combat a united force and this only spells danger. It is only a matter of time before the al-qaeda and the ISIS along with its Indian affiliates the SIMI and the IM form a formidable force and launch a strike on Indian soil, agency sources further informed.

IM, SIMI operating separately

Counter terrorism experts say that at the moment the IM and the SIMI are operating as two separate entities. The SIMI is on a fund raising spree and has been leaning more towards the al-qaeda. The IM on the other hand has decided that it would only provide strategic support to the ISIS by being part of the outfit Ansar-ul-Tawhid.

The Indian agencies say that a close watch ought to be kept on the activities of Sultan Ahmed Armar who is currently based out of Pakistan. His capablities are well known and the recent arrest of two operatives in Hyderabad suggested that they were in touch with Armar.

His chat transcripts and posts on the social media are all part of the evidence that the Indian agencies have. A Hyderabad police official informed that they will now book Armar and this is for the first time that a case will be filed against him.

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