Bengaluru Shocker: How the killer planned gruesome murder to kill college girl revealed

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Bengaluru, April 2: Two day after the shocking murder of a college girl in Bengaluru, investigating officials on Thursday, April 2 informed why the accused killed the young girl and how did he executed his gruesome plan to kill her.

The investigations into the school shoot out has found that the accused, who has been identified as Mahesh, was a jilted lover and he executed the gruesome murder only out of revenge. [Bengaluru college shooting: Girls insulted me by calling 'Uncle', says killer Mahesh]


In a detailed confession to the police Mahesh said that the girl had insulted him and hence he decided to kill her. [Office boy guns down college girl, arrested by police]

The girl insulted the accused:

The police have also learnt that he was so humiliated that he began fixing rules which had angered several students as well. He was attempting to boss over the girls.

The police during their investigation and also based on the confession of the accused have found that he was in love with the deceased and had made advances towards her which had angered her.

Accused made advances towards the girl:

An investigating officer informed Oneindia, that he had made advances towards the girl who had clearly told him several time to stay in his limits. On several occasions the friend of the girl was also with her when she had issued the warning.

Pragathi school

A few months back the accused had approached the girl and had even offered her a gift which she refused to accept. She had told him to stay in his limits and not harass her. She had even complained to the principle about the same. [Killer arrested, was trying to flee to his native]

Accused imposed unnecessary rules on the girls:

However, the accused began harassing her and instructing the girl and her friend to behave themselves. He begun imposing unnecessary rules on the girl.

He was in fact selective in the imposition of rules and targeted the deceased several times. He had even told her not to speak with others.


Victim complained to the principal:

On one occasion she along with her friend had complained to the principal and other authorities about his behaviour. The girl had even brought to the notice of his advances and how she had warned while refusing his gift too.

The police have found that the accused was angered and found her behaviour towards him to be extremely humiliating.

He then decided to kill the girl and also her friend as they had complained against him and also humiliated him. The police are still ascertaining from where he had managed to procure a pistol.

How did he execute his plan to kill the girl:

Mahesh entered into the girls' hostel around 10 pm and shot the victim in the head from a point-blank range. He reportedly had missed to notice another girl who was there in the same room.

Next he went to the adjacent room and Mahesh tried to shoot the girl who had opened the door. However, his pistol misfired. Meanwhile, the girl fell down and Mahesh shot the friend of the victim.

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