Arun Jaitley's Diwali present; a fiery letter from Ram Jethmalani

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Jethmalani criticises Arun Jaitley
New Delhi, Oct 24: Known for his uncanny humour even inside the courtrooms, senior lawyer Ram Jethmalani shot a fiery letter to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Thursday, Oct 23 hitting out at the Minister for handling the 'Black Money Issue' in an inappropriate manner.

Jethmalani's letter is full of criticism and sarcasm (ending note).

Jethmalani, who even in the letter did not hesitate from criticising Jaitley, said that the steps taken to deal with the Black money issue was not right. Jethmalani accussed Jaitley of not wanting the truth to come out. He wrote: "I strongly suspect that that your conduct shows that you too like many others do not want the truth to come out."

"Your public statements the thing on one day and another the next day are product of a troubled conscience and mental confusion; a deadly combination," he wrote.

Jethmalani said that Jaitley was driving the nation to 'suicide.' "You are out to help the biggest criminals to escape," he said.

In the letter, Jethmalani urged Jaitley not to send the name of account holders to the Swiss. "Send them to the SIT so that they can tell them what to do," he said.

Here is the letter:

Though the Centre on Friday filed an application in the Supreme Court saying it cannot disclose details of the foreign accounts held by Indians, citing bilateral double taxation avoidance treaties, Jethmalani has a different story to tell. Even if the Centre's intention is to name all the account holders, it needs to be transparent on the whole process.

With his humour intact, Jethmalani ends the letter signing of as 'Expelled BJP member.'

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