AAP leader Rakesh Agarwal calls Kejriwal a dictator

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Delhi: Internal crisis hits AAP hard
New Delhi, Nov 12: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Rakesh Agarwal was in for a rude shock when supporters of AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal stormed into his press conference on Tuesday.

Kejriwal's supporters barged into Agarwal's press conference all because Agarwal called Kejriwal a 'dictator.' [Update: War over Kejriwal, AAP issues statement against rebel leader Aggarwal]

All is not well with the AAP as the party is being bogged down by an internal crisis. It all began when Agarwal called Arvind Kejriwal 'a dictator' and accused him of 'building a personality cult.'

Agarwal in an open letter to Kejriwal warned him of his authoritarian rules, which in turn has forced many volunteers to turn their backs on the party. Agarwal said that the party was already a victim of vote-bank politics and political inexperience.

Agarwal: AAP is becoming a victim of vote bank politics

"Delhi has been witnessing a crass personality cult built around you. I am yet to see a poster, banner, press conference, pamphlet or a radio advertisement that does not bear your name, image or voice," Agarwal has said in the letter.

He goes on to add that party workers quietly abide to all orders given out by Kejriwal. "Nothing moves without your nod. Power is delegated to those who quietly do your bidding instead of raising red flags," he says in the letter.

This however didn't go well with Kejriwal's supporters, who then created a ruckus in Agarwal's meeting.

Now the point is will this internal conflict within the party hurt the party's image in the upcoming assembly elections? After such startling claims by Agarwal and the on-going foreign funding crisis, will the people still have faith in the party that believes in equality, tranparency and a corruption free government?

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