Controversial claim at Indian Science Congress, speaker says ancient India had planes

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Mumbai, Jan 5: A plenary speaker on Sunday raised many eyebrows at the Indian Science Congress after he said that 'planes were invented in the Vedic Age by a sage.'

The speaker in question, Captain Anand Bodas said that 'these planes could travel from one planet to another, halt in mid air and move in different directions altogehter.' Bodas said that there was both official and unofficial history to prove this.'

Ancient India had planes:Plenary speaker

Meanwhile, a scientist at the NASA research centre filed a petiton saying that the scheduled lecture should be cancelled as it mixes mythology with science.

Bodas, on the other hand has said that he was not aware of any online petition. "I haven't heard of any online petition. Once I receive it I will give it a thought," he said.

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