Creepy! Cobra hatchlings found inside a Mumbai flat

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Mumbai, July 21: A couple living in a flat in Chembur, Mumbai were shocked to find several cobra hatchlings inside their house.

According to reports, the couple, 29-year-old Kailash Mane and Poonam Mane have been staying in RCF Colony staff quarters since April this year.


When they noticed tiny snakes, they immediately alerted the animal activists to take them away.

Poonam, first found a baby snake inside her kitchen, near the gas cylinder, following which she informed Maharashtra Animal Rescue Association (MARA).

On the same day, few hours later, another snake was found inside the washroom. Then, the horrified woman called snake rescuers. During the search, twelve more baby cobras were discovered.

In the house next door to that of Manes, shockingly, five cobras were found, including one from bedroom.

One of the rescuer was quoted saying as, "We rescued 14 cobras and will be releasing them in a forest. We got a call at 8 am and the rescue operation went on till 2 pm."

The rescued cobras were found to be belonging from binocellate species.

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