'You made us proud, sir': B'lore autodriver gives free ride to ISRO scientist

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Bangalore, Sept 25: India's maiden Mars venture, Mangalyaan, has taken the whole country on cloud nine.

Mangalyaan has also made Indian Space Research Agency (ISRO) a household name in the country. Here is a poignant note that Vivek P Nambiar, an ISRO scientist from Bangalore, shared on Facebook, which shows how much the Mars mission has impressed the citizens.

When Vivek took an auto-rickshaw ride from the road in front of ISRO office in the city on Wednesday evening, he prepared himself for a fight over the charges as Bangalore's auto drivers have made headlines several times for their rude behaviour towards passengers. 

The driver, who saw Vivek coming from the ISRO office, asked him whether he worked with the space organisation. "Yes", replied the scientist. What followed was a deep conversation on Mars Orbiter Mission, said Vivek in his Facebook note. The driver, to the scientist's surprise, was well-informed on the Mars mission. Excited to have a scientist on board, he asked Vivek many things about the MOM's engine and functioning.

Finally, when they reached the destination, the driver politely refused to take money from the scientist. "You made us proud, sir. I won't take money from you", he said. "He refused the money and disappeared in the traffic", wrote Vivek in his Facebook note. 

Well done, ISRO !

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