Why was KLF chief Mintoo headed to Goa?

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Chandigarh, Nov 30: Harminder Singh Mintoo, the chief of the Khalistan Liberation Force who escaped from the Nabha jail in Punjab only to be arrested a day later was headed to Goa.

He was arrested at the Nizamuddin Railway Station in Delhi at 2 PM on Monday.

Harminder Singh Mintoo

For the police spotting him was not a difficult task. His beard was badly trimmed and this gave away his appearance.

It appears as though Mintoo pushed his luck too far.

After fleeing from jail, headed to Delhi and purchased a ticket to Panvel, Maharashta.

However his train was to leave only after another five hours. He decided to wait at the parking lot, but was tracked down by the police.

While questioning him, the police learnt that Mintoo had planned on going to Goa.

He said that he was familiar with Goa since he had lived there for 18 years.

Moreover his wife hails from Goa.

His plan was to land in Goa, activate his contacts and then obtain a visa and passport and then head to Nepal.

From what Mintoo was trying to explain it becomes clear he wanted to reach Nepal and then head back to Pakistan where he had been trained by the ISI.

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