Why Pakistan's story on the Indian spy does not add up

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New Delhi, March 31: India is in talks with Iran with regard to the issue of Khulbhushan Yadav who Pakistan claim was a spy. Pakistan has been accusing India of planting its spy in Balochistan, a charge that has been denied outright by the latter.

Pakistan even went on to play a video in which Yadav is seen making a confession about him being an Indian spy.


India has reiterated that the story by Pakistan is not right. India now feels that a group known as the Jaish-al-Adl or the army of justice which is a salafi group had abducted Yadav from Iran and planted him in Pakistan. [Pakistan apprises global community on Indian spy's arrest]

A senior official with the Intelligence Bureau tells OneIndia that there are too many discrepancies in Pakistan's claim.

Cuts and editing:

Following the video being released, Indian agencies had sent the same for a forensic examination. There are cuts and additions to it. He says in the video that he had been reporting an officer called Anil Gupta.

However, the Research and Analysis Wing has found no such officer in the agency.
He further makes loose comments about payments being made to the insurgents in Balochistan.

However, he gives out no details of the same. He also makes another confusing statement about his stint in the Indian navy.

While in one sentence he states that he was serving the navy till 2001 and quit after the Parliament attack to gather intelligence in another he says that he is a serving officer in the navy due to retire in 2022.

The Jaish-al-Adl link:

Intelligence Bureau officials say that they smell a rat in this case. They say that Yadav was a businessman in Iran and he may have been abducted by the Jaish-al-Adl link and planted in Pakistan.

Officials feel that there is a portion in the Pakistan establishment which is not entirely happy with the relations with India.India says that it has sought cooperation from Iran to probe this case.

According to trackingterrorism.org, the Jaish-al-Adl is an extremist Salafi group that has since its foundation claimed responsibility for a series of operations against Iran's domestic security forces and Revolutionary Guards operating in Sistan and Balochistan province, including the detonation of mines against Revolutionary Guards vehicles and convoys, kidnapping of Iranian border guards and attacks against military bases located in the province.

The group claims that dozens of Revolutionary Guard members were killed in these operations, most of which were not reported in official Iranian media.

Jaish al-Adl is also opposed to the Iranian Government's active support of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad's capmaign against Islamic State, which they regard as an attack on Sunni muslims.

Centre Of OperationsJaish ul-Adl executes cross border operations between the border of Iran and Pakistan and is based in the Baluchistan province in Pakistan, which is home to about 2 million Sunni-Muslims.

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