WhatsApp's mysterious blue ticks: Here's what they really mean

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WhatsApp has come come with a new feature of blue ticks.
New Delhi, Nov 7: From the past two days users of messaging tool WhatsApp have been seeing blue ticks right appearing next to their messages. Users of teh messaging tool are still trying to solve the mystery behind the blue ticks.

Some users are wondering about what the blue ticks mean and then there are those who are cracking jokes after knowing what does the blue colour indicate.

Earlier, when a message was successfully sent, a single grey tick appeared. When the same message was successfully delivered, it showed two grey ticks.

There was no feature in Whats app which told whether the message has been read or not. Now, after the message has been read by the recepient, the grey ticks turn blue in colour.

According to WhatsApp's website, "The new double blue ticks mean that a message has been read."

After this new feature, some people are happy and others are cracking jokes on the same.

After this new feature made many users happy, WhatsApp gave a good news to its Indian users too.

The company has declared that it will not levy any renewal charges on its Indian subscribers.

Neeraj Arora, the Vice President of WhatsApp said that the company understands the low usage of credit cards here and that paying a renewal fee might not be an option.

Usually, the charge that is levied on WhatsApp users is $1 after the first year. It is to be noted that the company was recently acquired by Facebook at a whopping price of $19 billion.

However, even after the acquisition, WhatsApp vowed to remain the same. He also said that the company will not allow ads in pop ups as that is very disturbing.

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