What Modi said when a student asked about him becoming PM

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Gandhinagar, Sept 5: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday interacted with students along with state Governor Kamla Beniwal on the occasion of Teacher's Day. The students, however, were more interested in Modi's prime ministerial candidate rather than his not-so-friendly relation with the governor.

When a Class X boy asked whether Modi would return to address students as the prime minister in the future, the latter said that one shouldn't dream about becoming something but doing something. He said he would continue to serve the people of Gujarat till 2017 since he has been given a mandate for five years. Modi won his third successive mandate as the chief minister in December last year.

On Garibi Hatao

When asked about Garibi Hatao (remove poverty), Modi said education is the best way to fight poverty.

About worshipping

When a girl from Patan asked Modi about the deity he worships, the latter said the vast number of deities signified India's uniqueness and diversity. He said a man will worship the god as per his own identity, like a wrestler will worship Lord Hanuman while a money-minded person will worship Goddess Laksmi. About himself, Modi said he worships Shakti during Navratri.

Narendra Modi said that he will continue to serve the people of Gujarat

Travelling with security throughout the day

When a Class VIII student asked him whether he gets bored by travelling with security arrangements throughout the day, Modi said he also wondering about the same. He said bullet-proof cars are also comfort-proof, describing it as a professional hazard.

Village or city?

A girl asked the CM whether he liked to stay in a village or a city. To this, Modi said: "If a boy comes first then they say- yes someone came first but in a village if that happens they say- oh, this person's son came 1st!" He said the India's real spirit lied in its villages.

About sibling rivalry

A girl student asked Modi about his siblings and whether he had a fight with them? Modi said he has two elder and two younger brothers along with a sister. He said it was common that the siblings had a fight, adding that it was fun.

Learning Yoga

Modi said he had learnt Yoga from a teacher named Parmar Sahib, when asked by a student. He said the teacher was always ready to teach them yoga by 5 am.

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