Viral poster teaches: Learn how to be a bad girl

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Bengaluru, Feb 20: You must have heard about websites teaching how to be a good wife, a husband or a mother. But you certainly wouldn't have heard something like-How to be a bad girl?

Ladies and Gentlemen, here is a guidebook to know the best ways to be a 'Bad' girl. A loud satirical poster, which is widel being shared on FB and Twitter sites reasons that can make one a bad girl.

'Learn how to be a bad girl'

Interestingly, these criterions include pouts, smokes and drinks and eats too much or too little, and most importantly having breasts. Titled 'Ek buri Ladki' (A bad Girl), the poster has 12 illustrations that show what a woman should not do to become a bad girl. Summarizing it all, here are the points that are a strict no-no for a woman:

1. Pouts
2. Smokes and Drinks
3. Eats too much
4. Watches Pornography
5. Can't make round rotis
6. Has breasts
7. Eats too less
8. Goes to Goa
9. Walks outside with the hair open
10. Letches at other boys
11. Falls in love in a park
12. Rides Motorcycle

Clearly, it is a parody on retro Indian Book Depot posters that were pinned up in classrooms, teaching students about various things.

As far as this is concerned, a BBC report says this was a college assignment by a group of students at the Srishti School of Arts, Design and Technology, Bangalore.

One of the students justified that this was part of their homework where they were asked to juxtapose images from popular culture that women would be judged for, but men could get away with.

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