Viqar Ahmed: The man who came close to assassinating Narendra Modi

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Five operatives of the Harkat-ul-Jihadi Islami funded, Tehreek Ghalaba E Islam including the deadly Viqarruddin Ahmed were killed in an encounter when they were trying to escape. These operatives who had been arrested for acts of terror were being taken to a court in Warangal when they tried to snatch weapons from the police and escape.

The police however managed to over power them and killed them in an encounter that took place in broad day light [5 Tehreek Ghalaba E Islam terrorists shot dead in Telangana]

Viqar Ahmed- a deadly operative

Among the six who were killed Viqarrudin was extremely important. He was an accused in the killing of a police constable and a home guard in Hyderabad a few years back.

Why was Viqarrudin such a deadly operative?

A copy of Viqarrudin Ahmed's confession copy which is in possession of OneIndia reveals that this operative had major plans. This operative who has given the police many slips over the years was finally arrested on August 4 2010 by the Hyderabad police.

Viqarrudin or Viqar as the police files term him as could have created havoc had he managed to escape from the police today. His interrogation and confession details tell a scary picture and how he had planned on reviving terror in Hyderabad and other parts of the state.

When he was arrested in 2010, both the police and the intelligence bureau heaved a sigh of relief. They had after all been on his trail for several years and had even come close to nabbing him on several before he made some sensational escapes.

Target the BJP and RSS

Primary on the agenda of Viqar were the BJP and RSS leaders in Hyderabad. In his confession he had said that while planning a major hostage crisis in Hyderabad they also wanted to target specific leaders of the BJP and the RSS.

He said that he felt that the Mecca Masjid blast was a stage managed one in a bid to target the Muslims and he wanted to take revenge for that.

In 2010 he had also said that one of the prime targets was Narendra Modi and they had planned on targeting him during one of his visits to Hyderabad.

Travel to Bangladesh

Viqar also said that he was close with an operative by the name Shahid Bilal who had connections with the Harkat-ul-Jihadi Islami, a Bangladesh based outfit. He had named several operatives who resided in the Mossrambagh area of Hyderabad who were part of a plan to be undertaken on December 6 2010.

He said that he had travelled to Bangladesh on a couple of occasions to meet with the leaders of the HuJi out there. He further revealed that the operation that they were planning would cost them around Rs 30 lakh and he was already raising funds for the same.

I had raised Rs 10 lakh for the operation from Hyderabad alone, Viqar had also told the police in 2010.

The Modi assassination plan

Viqar has several times spoken about his plans to assassinate Narendra Modi. He said that they had come close to assassinating Modi who was then the Gujarat Chief Minister. There was an inauguration of the Ramol Chowk police station which Modi had attended and the plan to assassinate him was set for that time.

"I had obtained a press identification card and managed to enter into the venue. The idea was to snatch a weapon from one of the security staff and carry out the assassination. However there was too much security in the area and we decided to abort the operation and plan a fresh one," Viqar had also told the police.

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