US is our natural global partner, PM Modi says in Wall Street Journal article

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PM Modi
Bangalore, Sept 26: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday praised India in an op-ed article in the Wall Street Journal, saying "A young nation with 800 million people under age 35, India is brimming with optimism and confidence." [Read full article here]

Modi, who left for the United States on Thursday on a high-profile visit, stressed India's ties with the US, whom he called India's natural global partner.

Post by Narendra Modi.

"The United States is our natural global partner. India and the U.S. embody the enduring and universal relevance of their shared values. The thriving Indian-American community in the U.S. is a metaphor for the potential of our partnership, and for the possibilities of an environment that nurtures enterprise and rewards hard work. Our strengths in information technology are especially important for leadership in the digital age. The partnership between our businesses takes place in the comfort and certainty of similar political systems and shared commitment to rule of law. In education, innovation, and science and technology, the U.S continues to inspire India," the prime minister wrote.

Besides India's youth, Modi also emphasised on transparent governance and world-class infrastructure to help the country in its growth and cater to people's basic necessities.

"...The young people's energy, enthusiasm and enterprise are India's greatest strength. Unleashing those attributes is my government's biggest mission," he said in the article.

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