Thank people for voting in such great numbers, says Modi

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Narendra Modi in UP
Kushinagar (UP), May 10: BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi addresses four Bharat Vijay rallies in Uttar Pradesh today as the campaign for the election ends today.

Highlights of the rally in Ballia

Sounding confident of the party's victory in the Lok Sabha elections he said I have not come here to ask for your vote. I know you already support us . Ballia started movement towards Swarajya. "Earlier Ballia began the movement towards Swarajya and today it should begin the movement towards Surajya," Modi said.

He said 'I began my rallies from Udhampur with blessings of Maa Vaishno Devi and today I will conclude the campaign from Ballia.'

Thanking the people he said: "I have covered over 3 lakh kilometres in the entire campaign. My sole intention was to get your blessings. I thank all those who were present at my rallies. On the last day of campaign, I want to thank the people of our country for voting in such great numbers."

Hitting out at Congress, Modi said that the Congress won't be able to touch double figure mark in this Lok Sabha poll.

Highlights of the rally in Robertsganj

Speaking to people here, Modi said that Congress always exploited the tribesmen but did nothing for them. "When Atalji became Prime Minister, he set up Tribals Affairs Ministry for the first time. But this government did nothing," he said.

Hitting out at Sonia Gandhi he said : "Father-son Govt in Lucknow and Mother-son Govt in Delhi have destroyed our country. Ek chaiwala aapko lalkaar raha hai (one chaiwala is giving you a challenege)," he said.

Addressing the people he said that till the time the dynasty politics is not destroyed, till then we will not prosper. "They talk only of one thing- Modi roko (Stop Modi). Our country needs sevaks," he said.

Raking up the 'neech soch' jibe Modi said; "I want to give water to my farmers, is this 'Neech soch', I want to give my youth employment, is this Neech soch," he asked.

Highlights of the rally in Deoria

Addressing the people in Deoria, Modi said that 'I will provide you with medication and proper facilities.' "In the state more than 1 lakh kids die of brain fever. When you go to vote remember those 1 lakh kids who died.

The mother-son politics has ruined the country and the state. "UPA's policies are such that each and every citizen of India is unhappy. They have looted everything," he said.

Hitting out at the Congress, Modi said that they had used up every dictionary in the world to hurl abuses at me. "They never used to call out my name before but recently they have used all the dictionaries in the world to hurl abuses at me.

Don't mistake Congress, BSP and SP to be different, they are all the same and their leader is Madam," he said.

He said that even the Congress was chanting 'Modi Modi' but that was out of worry.

Highlights of the rally in Kushinagar

Narendra Modi spoke to the people here and said 'political pandits who sit in AC rooms must come here and see the safforn wave that has swept the region'

Modi, who was supposed to go to Ghosi said that he was unable to go there as a party leader had passed away. "BJP district president Sushil Rai died in a road accident near Akhshar village in Sarai Lakhanti area yesterday, he said.

Hitting out at the Congress, Modi said: "Sugar mill is shut but your MP is a Minister what has he done? You cannot elect someone who is not concerned about your future." Your MP is so close to Madam but you are not bothered about the problems of Kushinagar's farmers, he said.

"I am here to fulfill Atalji's dream," he said.

"There hasn't been a day when you haven't plotted to send me to jail," Modi said, accusing the opponents.

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