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This Construction Worker Fights To Save 1-Year-Old Son’s Heart

By oneindia staff

"I can never forget the day we welcomed Samrat into this world. My wife held him close and I remember our baby boy looking up at us with his big beautiful eyes. I felt like the happiest man alive. Life had transformed into a fairytale for us, when we brought our son home. A new book had begun, with loads of dreams and desires to be written in the pages. Happiness never lasts for long and the pages of our new book started to tear apart. Samrat started falling sick and suffered from regular fevers and cold. His health deteriorated further and tests revealed that Samrat was suffering from Pneumonia. He was hospitalized for 8 days and later got discharged when his health improved. My family was relieved but the feeling didn't last for long as the fevers returned, refusing to leave our son's side this time.

This Construction Worker Fights To Save 1-Year-Old Son’s Heart

The doctors conducted several tests and each time the results were disappointing. Manoj was devastated with the learning the fact that his son was suffering from ventricular septal defect, meaning, he has a hole in his heart. I remember breaking the news to my wife after conversing with the doctor. She sprawled on the hospital floor and started wailing, not caring about who's around, who's watching, nothing," says, Samrat's father.

Samrat needs your help in fighting his illnes. Contribute to his fund raiser and standby with him as his support.

This Construction Worker Fights To Save 1-Year-Old Son’s Heart

Samrat requires an urgent heart surgery which needs Rs. 3 lakh in addition to the Rs. 2 lakh which Manoj has already burrowed.

"How am I supposed to manage such exorbitant funds?", exclaims Samrat's father. Adding to it,"I am a mere construction worker. On good days, I somehow earn Rs. 300/ day. But there are days where I don't have work and bring nothing, back home. My wife is a homemaker and now with Samrat's illness, our expenses have hit the roof. I am in no position to borrow more money as repaying this much is a struggle in itself.", Manoj said.

This Construction Worker Fights To Save 1-Year-Old Son’s Heart

The family couldn't admit Samrat in the hospital, due to monetary constraints. He is at home and is currently clinging to life with the prescribed medication. "He has become so weak, he can't even sit up straight. He keeps struggling for breath and at time gasps.", says Samrat's mother.

The boy's family has started a fundraiser here. Any contribution from your side will help them a great deal in paying for Samrat's heart surgery. A child of 1 year old who hasn't seen the world except through his parent's observation, is struggling for life. We urge you to help Samrat in anyway possible. Even if it is the smallest of the donation, it will matter for him. Samrat has to survive and we need to help him. We hope, along with your help, Samrat gets the whole amount for his operation and becomes a happy child of a hardworking couple. It is all about the act of love, in the name of god that Samrat will live, with the help of yours. Helping a soul to fly again, is the best feeling ever. Help Samrat write the pages of dreams and desires in the new book of their family.

This Construction Worker Fights To Save 1-Year-Old Son’s Heart

Please do consider to donate any amount that you find suitable and you feel will help Samrat's cause. Spread the smiles in his family with a little support of yours.

To donate and help Samrat you can click here

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