These Hyderabad youth cannot be de-radicalised

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Hyderabad, Dec 29: The three youth, who were arrested in Nagpur and brought back to Hyderabad, will not be de-radicalised.

Instead they will be probed and face a trial as this was allegedly their second attempt at joining an international terror outfit.


The trio -- Abdul Basith, Syed Omar and Maaz Hussain, who were arrested last week in Nagpur for allegedly trying to join a terrorist outfit, had even stolen money in a bid to reach their destination.

Sources tell OneIndia that the trio had made an attempt to join a terror group in Sept 2014 as well.

At that time they were caught and taken back to their homes. A counselling programme was conducted on them and they were also kept under watch.

However, this month they once again attempted to join an international terrorist group.

Second attempt:

Investigating agencies say that in Sept 2014 they had made an attempt to reach Afghanistan. From there they were planning on going to Syria in a bid to join the ISIS. At that time the Intelligence Bureau (IB) tipped off the Hyderabad police which led to their detention.

Since they were only making an attempt to join a terror group, no cases were filed against them. They were counselled with the help of elders and family members and even told that they could lead a normal life. However, this month they once again attempted to join a terror group.

IB officials say that there is no question of second time counselling for these persons. "We had given them a chance at reformation, but they do not appear to be any change. This time they will face the law and even be put to trial. The policy in such cases is very clear. We attempt to counsel the youth at first, but if they repeat the offence, then there is no second round of counselling," IB officials told.

Desperate youth:

As per the investigations, the youth are said to have told the police that they were undecided on which group to join.

Any terror group was fine for them is what they have indicated. It could be the al-Qaeda or the ISIS, they had said. The police say that it is still unclear what drove them into leaving their homes and attempting to join the ISIS.

It has also been found that in a bid to fund their travel, one of them had stolen Rs 90,000 from his home. Investigators learnt that it was from the home of Basith that the amount was stolen.

They had left their homes on Chandrayanagutta and Mehdipatnam and headed towards Nagpur in Maharashtra. They were to meet with a travel agent and then proceed.

However, they were nabbed and brought back to Hyderabad. Police officials say that they are checking their phones and tablets for more details. The same has been sent for forensic examination, officers also add.

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