Nalin Kumar won elections due to NaMo Brigade; Sulibele stands with Naresh Shenoy

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Bengaluru, Apr 3: Mentor of Yuva Brigade, Chakravarthy Sulibele is firmly standing with Yuva Brigade's adviser Naresh Shenoy after latter's name has been allegedly propped up in the RTI activist Vinayak Baliga murder case.

Taking jibe at the media for terming Naresh Shenoy as 'prime suspect' in their reports on the case, Sulibele asked how media can use the term 'prime suspect' when the Mangaluru police have not named him as same. Pitching technical argument, he said "police have not named him no where at this juncture as prime suspect and how a section of media can make him as a key suspect in the case," he questioned.

Chakravarthy Sulibele and Naresh Shenoy

While police issued photographs of suspects in the murder, why they have not given the photo of Naresh Shenoy. "If the police have considered employees of Naresh Shenoy as suspects in the case, how Naresh Shenoy be made responsible for their alleged act?" Sulibele posed. Chakravarthy Sulibele spoke to OneIndia over the phone.

Chakravarthy Sulibele casting aspersions on the police department's moves in pursuing this case said why the police carried press persons along with them while they raided the house of Naresh Shenoy. He questioned the motive behind in police resorting to such act.

For a question on when OneIndia tried to contact Naresh Shenoy, he was unavailable to give his side of story and his absence in the house during the raid, Sulibele said journalists must not pen down speculative story. This is about one individual's image and his future.

Sulibele further delineated that If anyone go to Himalayas or to Kashmir alone, without informing, then there will be no availability of network to reach through mobile. And subsequently in a place where perosn belongs to, there unfolds a crime, someone tries fix that person in that case, then how he could be called as absconding, Sulibele asked.

"The police have not so far formally declared him as a suspect in the police website. But you (section of media) have reported that he is absconding," Sulibele argued. He added that there is a massive pressure to allegedly fix Naresh Shenoy in this murder case.

Sulibele said some...some people are e-mailing him and asking about the issue of temple (Venkataramana temple), then why bringing only Yuva Brigade's name, when temple angle is also attached in the case.

He alleged that those who are taking names of Yuva Brigade have been funded by vested interests. "Naresh Shenoy is into 28 organisations and only picking up the name of Yuva Brigade is because of funding by vested interests. For the simple reason that NaMo Brigade has toiled for Narendra Modi, now Yuva Brigade is being defamed to thwart its functioning in support of Modi, Sulibele opined.

Talking on Baliga's plaint on misappropriation of funds to the tune of 9 crores in the Venkataramana Temple located in Mangaluru, Chakravarthy said "I was in Mangaluru yesterday, April 2, I spoke to many people and I learnt that there was no single complaint filed by Baliga against Naresh Shenoy and he was not even in the committee of the temple."

On whose pressure the police are working? The police are facing colossal pressure in the case. It has to be noted that many RTI activists have been killed, but why only Baliga's case pursued hotly?, Sulibele asked. They want to target Yuva Brigade through Naresh Shenoy.

Sulibele said there is a systematic conspiracy against Naresh Shenoy to fix him in the case. He also suspected that one day conspirators may train their guns against him (Sulibele) as he is working for Narendra Modi and the country.

The efforts of NaMo Brigade was huge during 2014 elections and in Dakshina Kannada no one thought Nalin Kumar Kateel would mark victory in general elections and it is a pure game of NaMo Brigade that made Kateel the MP of the constituency . Hence all these, Sulibele viewed.

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