Sonia, Rahul furious as a tea vendor is challenging them: Modi

Posted By: PTI
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Fatehpur, Apr 27: Narendra Modi on Sunday hit out at Sonia Gandhi and Rahul saying they were were "furious" that a tea vendor was challenging the "family" and were competing with each other to tell lies against him to mislead voters.

Targeting Rahul Gandhi for remarks that he would be in jail if the Lokayukta was in place in Gujarat, Modi said the Congress Vice President was "dreaming" as he had emerged unscathed despite "CBI, IB, RAW and IT department" being after him for the last 10 years.

"They are furious that a tea vendor is challenging them. The mother-son duo are so furious that I wonder whether they will leave me alive if I come across them.

"This is because in the last 60 years no one has challenged the family. They are furious that a tea vendor is challenging them," Modi said addresing a rally.

Stating that the Lokayukta was already in place in his state, the BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate wondered how Rahul with his "lack of knowledge" can take his party ahead.

He said the same anti-graft ombudsman had indicted a former Congress Chief Minister and his son was now a minister at the Centre.

"Rahul, you should be aware that both the Lokayukta and the RTI commissioner are in place in Gujarat. Not only this the Lokayakta submitted a report about your party's then chief minister in Gujarat Amarsinh Chaudhary who was involved in illegal cutting of trees in a forest and selling the timber.

"He was held guilty by the Lokayukta and we placed the report in the Assembly. But we did not want to make politics out of it because he is no more. But your lies have forced us to raise these issues," Modi said.

Chaudhury's son, he said, is at present a minister in the Manmohan Singh government.

The BJP prime ministerial candidate said Rahul was dreaming of seeing him in jail, but the fact remains that "despite the CBI, the IB, RAW and the IT Department behind me for the last 10 years, I am standing in front of you".

Sonia Gandhi, Rahul and Priyanka have raised the pitch against Modi, tageting him on the Gujarat development model, snoopgate and other issues.


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