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Solar Eclipse 2021: Is 'Ring of fire' eclipse visible in India? How to watch

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New Delhi, June 07: A rare celestial event, an annular solar eclipse, which is popularly known as the "ring of fire" eclipse, will be visible on June 10. Globally, the annular solar eclipse event will start at1:42 pm IST (8:12 UTC) and will end at 6:41 pm (13:11 UTC), according to Timeanddate.com.

The astronomical event will be visible from parts of Canada, Greenland, and Russia. While countries like the East Coast and the Upper Midwest people will witness a partial solar eclipse. The ring of fire eclipse will not be visible in India but you can watch it online.

Solar Eclipse 2021: Is Ring of fire eclipse visible in India? How to watch

The annular solar eclipse will last for about 100 minutes. The solar eclipse is expected to begin from Canada, then moves towards the polar regions. The eclipse will be visible in northern Greenland at its peak. The much awaited 'ring of fire' will last a maximum of 3 minutes 51 seconds in the path of annularity.

What is an annular solar eclipse

According to NASA, a solar eclipse happens when the Moon moves between the Sun and Earth, casting a shadow on Earth, fully or partially blocking the Sun's light in some areas. An annular solar eclipse occurs when the angular diameter of the Moon falls short of that of the Sun so that it cannot cover up the latter completely. Since the Moon does not block the entire view of the Sun, the dramatic 'ring of fire' is visible.

What is Ring of Fire eclipse

During this astronomical event, the moon is near its farthest point from Earth, called apogee, and the rim of the sun appear like a "ring of fire" in the sky for a very brief moment.

According to the space.com, the 'ring of fire' will shine with only one-tenth of the sun's normal total light and "near the point of greatest eclipse over the polar region, the annular phase will last up to three minutes and 51 seconds..."

How to watch Solar Eclipse 2021 or Ring of Fire Eclipse

Countries where solar eclipse is visible, people can go out and watch the annual solar eclipse. However, it advised to maintain social distance due to the COVID-19 pandemic and it's important to wear proper eye protection like goggles, which will allow you to look directly at the Sun without damaging your retina.

Do not look at the Sun directly as it could be harmful to the retina of the eye. Instead, you use binoculars to watch the eclipse.

If you are not in the areas where the eclipse is visible, you can watch the celestial event online. TimeandDate and Slooh will be streaming the eclipse live on their YouTube. You can also follow the path of the eclipse using the NASA tracker.

When is the next solar eclipse?

A total solar eclipse will occur on December 4, 2021. Mot of South Australia, southern Africa, South in South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Antarctica would witness the celestial event.

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