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#SocialForGood: Let's Join Our Hands Against Cyberbullying

By Anuj Cariappa
Google Oneindia News

None of us is oblivious to the term 'cyberbullying'. We know what it is, we know cyberbullying victims, we ourselves may even be the victims. At least once in our lifetime, we all have fallen victim to the hurtful words and unsolicited images. Yet what are we doing to stop this venomous digital abuse prevalent in our world of social media? One's selfish need to publicly degrade and judge someone else ends up in mentally and emotionally damaging the other. The rising number of suicide reports among teenagers have been linked with cyberbullying, a pandemic menace that continues to spawn fear and negativity.

#SocialForGood: Lets Join Our Hands Against Cyberbullying

The direct or indirect use of influence, power or inappropriate behaviour through the internet to intimidate, threaten, embarrass or harass someone for the momentary satisfaction does not stop at the same for the victim, leaving the person emotionally and mentally scarred. With the rampant hike in the number of social networking platforms, there is no stopping of cyberbullying and the adverse effect on society. Almost all of the major social media platforms brims with cyberbullies, and there is no dodging them.

The intimidation games played by the perpetrators to destroy their victim from within has resulted in a predominant rise in the suicide cases reported. Ranging in various forms cyberbullying can be exclusion, harassment, outing, cyberstalking, trolling, catfishing, body shaming and so many others add to the never-ending list. The variety in the types of cyberbullying itself is proof for the burgeoning negativity in the world of social media. And if you have caused this to someone, knowingly or unknowingly; then it is time for you to reflect on yourself and reconsider your motives in life.

Cyberbullying and its resultant tragedies are on the rise and nobody is safe. There has been a rise in the number of cyberbullying incidents against celebrities, which have forced the icons to deactivate the accounts or even check into rehab centres to come out of the trauma caused by constant bullying and harassment. As they are constantly under the limelight, the bullies take it as their freedom to taunt and torment the public figures. International pop sensation Selena Gomez is the most recent victim of social media cyberbullying, where the hate comments have caused the singer and actress to retreat to the safe walls of a rehabilitation centre.

#SocialForGood, a Facebook Live-athon is the first of its kind which has been developed with the aim of bringing positive change in the way we communicate with each other on the internet, and to change the way we use social media to do good 
in our society and community. The issue of cyberbullying will be discussed and probed into by the carefully selected panel, by centrally focusing on the adverse effect it can have on the mental health and well-being of an individual. The 4-hour live event will bring together some of the most influential names in pop culture, celebrities who have been advocates of motivation and growth.

Facebook India will be joining hands with Priyanka Chopra for #SocialForGood, a global force who has voiced out her opinions on the power and the positive role of social media in bringing forth the right change in our society.

Anonymity is the one ultimate key to social media cyberbullying. The anonymity offered by the social media platforms make it easier for the cyberbullies to prey on the victims, unrecognised and camouflaged. Time has come for us to rise up against the narcissistic cowards sitting behind the curtains of anonymity.

#SocialForGood Live-athon will use the platform to bring awareness to causes that matter with the help of some of the A-Listers of the industry. The speakers for the panel are Armaan Malik, Richa Chadha and Toshada Uma.

Engage in a thought-provoking interactive session on cyberbullying and its impact on our society on 27 November 2018. Tune in to the live stream on Facebook India, Priyanka Chopra or Oneindia's Facebook page from 12:00 pm (IST)


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