Pay Rs 5,000 to reach Pakistan via Nepal

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New Delhi, Dec 3: Nepal continues to be the favourite route for both criminals and terrorists when they want to cross over into India or Pakistan.

For several years now the Nepal route has been preferred and going by the investigations conducted in various cases, it costs just Rs 5,000 to move into Pakistan via Nepal.


The Gujarat ATS carried out an important arrest on the Nepal border yesterday. They had nabbed two operatives alleged to be behind the killing of the BJP leaders in Bharuch.

This arrest is significant in terms of the ongoing investigations, but also brings up the discussion on how Nepal is still the preferred route for any terrorist or criminal who wishes to flee India and reach Pakistan.

The Nepal route:

Nepal has been a nightmare for the security agencies in India. For several years now, criminals and terrorists either slip in or out through Nepal.

Despite putting in place a host of security measures including a hotline between the two home secretaries of the two nations, the problem still exists.

India faces the threat of two types of terror today- one from Islamic radicals and the other from Hindu radicals. Unfortunately both these types of terrorists have found Nepal to be a safe hub.

The accused in the CRPF Rampur attack case confessed to the police how they had used the Nepal border to easily enter into Uttar Pradesh and carry out the Rampur attack.

There are also confessions about how easily fake currency is being pumped in through the Nepal border.

The D Gang too has used the Nepal border several times to carry out its operations. Rashid Malabari who was tasked the assassination of Varun Gandhi was a D Gang operative. Malabari is believed to have fled to Pakistan through Nepal after he fled from Mangalore following his bail plea being accepted.

Rs 5,000 will get you through:

Getting into or out of India using the Nepal border would cost Rs 5000. A terrorist from Pakistan would normally first fly between. Lahore and Doha.

Following this he would take a flight into Kathmandu. Over there they get in touch with the tout a day later.

After the payment of Rs 5000 they are transported into India normally on a motor bike. At the border they then take a bus before heading out to their destination.

IB officials say that there is information on hand. However the issue was always the speed at which it was being communicated to authorities in Nepal.

Today there is a strict vigil at the border and intercepts are being picked up all the time. At times due to jurisdictional hassles we are unable to put across the message soon.

However, now once the information regarding any activity on the border is received it will be passed on immediately to the Home Ministry.

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